Regression Therapy Training Course

This is a comprehensive Regression Therapy training course that will equip the qualified student to facilitate past life, current life, inner child regressions, repressed memory release and spirit releasement.

Regression Therapy training course

This course consists of 4 Modules of 5 days each, over a period of a year.

Course pre-requisite – Hypnosis qualification.

Training program:

Module 1
Energy management , Reincarnation & Karma, Regression techniques part 1, Facets of Navigation, Navigational Interpretation.

Module 2
Regression technique part 2, Bridging techniques, Facets of subtle body scanning, Energy blocks and transformation, Client interviews, Indications & contra-indications.

Module 3
Repressed Memory Release & trauma, Navigational techniques for current life regression, Navigational techniques for inner child healing, Re-birthing.

Module 4
Spirit releasement techniques, Detecting, analyzing, dialogue and releasing, Integrating regression therapy for transformation, Techniques for regressing lost souls and releasement. Exam.

Course dates:  2019  

Module 1 – 13th – 17th June 2019

Module 2 – 13th – 17th September 2019

Module 3 – 29th November  – 3rd Dec 2019

Module 4 – 12th – 16th March 2020

In order for high quality and individual training, only 9 students per Regression Course.

Investment:   R6500  per module (deposit R3000)

BOOKING DEADLINE: 13th May 2019 


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