Is there a Spiritual link to Food Cravings?

The body, mind and spirit are all integral parts of the “whole” person, so everything we do is part of the internal cues of what is occurring inside of us – Outward symptoms are the language of our “psyche” and when interpreted correctly, can be useful tools to improving our health and well-being.
Most suggest that cravings may be linked to an emotional aspect or a lack of a physical aspect in the body e.g. a vitamin shortage – but is there also a spiritual link?

It is always important to investigate that a craving is not due to a lack of vital minerals and vitamins in the body, through an unhealthy diet, or a diseased state, and this must be ruled out first.


Sugary foods:
Sugary foods increase the biochemical ‘pleasure’ neurotransmitter serotonin. From a spiritual level, one is looking for the sweetness of life – which translates as an inability to process sadness.

Salty foods:
During times of prolonged stress, the body’s adrenal glands will shift into a ‘flight or fight’ mode, becoming exhausted and produce aldosterone that affects the salt (sodium) levels in the body. The body attempts to equalise this and the physical symptom becomes a salt craving. The spiritual link is often a resistance to what is needed to be dealt with, with love, flexibility and trust.

Fatty foods:
The liver is the seat of fatty acid assimilation in the body. Spiritually linked to the 3rd chakra and personal power, one may need to find the root cause of old hurts, anger and self-worth.

Can any of us say we have not experienced a food craving at one stage of our life, and can we truly understand the reason behind them?
Could cravings be an expression of the body’s needs? Absolutely!
Makes you think doesn’t it!

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