Hypnosis Training Course

The 4 day Hypnosis training program incorporates both practical and lecture based instruction, in an intimate and supportive setting. It is designed to be a hands-on learning experience which can be used to enhance the effectiveness of various other complementary therapies such as Regression Therapy, NLP, Healing, and Psycho-therapy.

A Hypnosis training course is a prerequisite to the follow on course in Regression Therapy.

Hypnosis training course

The Hypnosis Training program covers the following:

  • History of hypnosis.
  • The theory of the mind.
  • Concepts of hypnosis.
  • Understanding susceptibility & resistance.
  • The art of trance states.
  • Hypnosis as a therapeutic tool.
  • Code of ethics.
  • Hypnotic language and styles.
  • Inductions & deepeners.
  • Producing & selecting scripts.
  • Treatment of specific disorders.
  • Client consultation.
  • Setting up a private practice.
  • Case studies & exam.

Course dates: April 2019 – 1st to 4th 

Investment: R4500 (deposit R2000)

BOOKING DEADLINE: 18th February 2019

DEPOSIT DEADLINE: 18th February 2019

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