” Do You Feel the Worlds Emotions”


“Feel weighed down when in crowds and public places?”

“Emotional around people and places for no reason?”

“finally seeking seclusion to recharge?”

You may be experiencing Empathetic symptoms.

Every living thing on earth has an aura, the soul’s energy, emanates from within our bodies and radiates approximately 1 to 2m from the physical body.  When the aura of one living creature, plant, animal or human, touches the outskirts of another, energy will flow between the respective auras. Emotional imprints between the auras will flow and can be felt by both simultaneously.

Pain, sadness, joy, anger, frustration etc can be transmitted making the recipients confused about which emotions are theirs and which belong to others. People who experience this are called Empaths.

It is necessary for people, especially children, who are affected in this way to learn to protect their energy fields to diminish the fatigue and detrimental aspects it can have on their bodies.

For this reason energy management is a necessary part of life and should be taught as part of a daily routine.

Try it; it will change your life!

dog aura

aura pic